Refund Policy

Last Updated: June 22, 2021

Driver booster values every customer and always works hard to provide customers with satisfied products and services.

This policy applies to the following products: Driver Booster.

Money Back Guarantee

To ensure that all customers have enough time to evaluate whether the purchased product and service meet their needs, Driver booster provides a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. Refund request will be approved within this guarantee only under the Accepted Circumstances listed below. If a refund request is not submitted within the product’s specified money-back-guarantee period, no refund will be issued.

The Money Back Guarantee is made by only. This Money Back Guarantee is not applicable for orders placed from Driver booster resellers or partners or any other unauthorized channels.

No Refund Circumstances

For products providing a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, Driver booster generally does not refund or exchange products in the following situations:

1. Failure to read the product description before purchasing and thus resulting in dissatisfaction with the product’s functioned and/or results. It is highly recommended that every customer read the product description and try the free version or trial version before making their final purchase decision.

2. A refund request claiming the failure to receive license code for the ordered products within two hours. Ordinarily, once an order has been placed successfully, Driver booster’s sales system will automatically send an email with license code and product download link within 1 hour. However, sometimes the arrival of this registration e-mail can be delayed, due to delays caused by Internet or system glitches, email spam settings, email typo, etc. In this case, customers should visit theDriver booster page to retrieve it, which should send your code immediately. Or contact customer service. Driver booster Customer Representative will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

3. Driver booster Product price differences between different regions or price differences between Driver booster and its resellers or other companies.

4. A customer suddenly changes his mind after purchase.

5. A refund request for Driver booster Backup CD. Driver booster Backup CD is not refundable and is not included in any refund policy. Remove it from your shopping cart if you don’t need this physical Driver booster Backup CD. However, we may exchange yourDriver booster Backup CD to other Driver booster product that you are interested in (only when the price difference is less than 10 USD) if Driver booster Backup CD was purchased without knowing that it can be removed from the shopping cart.

6. A refund request for order exceeds 60 days. However, if a refund request claiming encountering technical problem after an software update, we may exchange your program to another Driver booster product you are interested.

Accepted Circumstances

Driver booster offers refunds for the following circumstances within the guidelines of its Money Back Guarantee.

1. Purchase of Download Insurance Service (DIS) outside of product purchase, without knowing that it can be removed. In this case, we will refund the cost of it or we may exchange your DIS to other Driver booster product that you are interested in(only when the price difference is less than 10 USD).

2. Purchase of a ‘wrong product’. In this case, Driver booster will refund the price of the wrong product for you if you have no need for it. We will also assist you in purchasing the correct product from our website. We may also exchange the ‘wrong product’ to another Driver booster product you want if the price difference is less than 10 USD.

3. Purchase of the same product twice or purchase of two products with similar functions. In this case, Driver booster will refund one of the products for you, or exchange one program to another Driver booster product that you are interested in if the price difference is less than 10 USD.

4. The customer does not receive their registration code within 24 hours of purchase, has failed to retrieve the registration code from the Driver booster Support Center, and has not received a timely response (within 48 hours) from the Driver boosterSupport Team after making contact. In this case, Driver booster will refund the customer’s order if they have no need of the product in future.

5. A refund request for an auto-renew order that the customer is unaware or doesn’t remember this auto-renew option and doesn’t receive the auto-renew reminder in their email Inbox before the auto-renew occurred if they have no need of the product in future.

6. A refund request due to technical trouble of the purchased product. We can arrange to exchange the product to another one or provide a full refund. However, we hope customer can cooperate with the Driver booster support team to troubleshoot the problem by providing detailed descriptions and information regarding the problem, and also applying the solutions provided by Driver booster Support Team. Once the problem was resolved, we will reactivate your purchased product even after we refund you.

7. Program purchased has terminal technical problems, and no solution has been provided within 30 days. In this case, Driver booster will refund the purchase price if the customer doesn’t want to wait for a future upgrade.

Once a refund is issued, the corresponding license will be deactivated.